Forensic Accounting/Litigation Support

Carter & Hatcher Consulting, LLC offers its clients the experience of its founding directors, Ms. Lara A. Carter and Ms. Shelley L. Hatcher. We have over 40 years of combined service in the fields of accounting and finance with extensive experience providing clients with fraud investigation, forensic accounting, and litigation support solutions.
We have assisted our clients in numerous engagements involving the evaluation of complex economic and financial matters in both identified expert and privileged consultant capacities.
Fraud Investigations
Loss Profits Calculations
Forensic Accounting/Account Tracing
Family and Estate Matters
Business/Partnership Dissolutions
Carter & Hatcher seeks to provide our clients accurate, professional and reliable assistance with the accounting and finance requirements of their litigation engagements. Carter & Hatcher has the technical experience needed to calculate, analyze and interpret the economic aspects of your current or potential litigation project.